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Weapon Features

Platforms: OpenMod
Price: $10 USD
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Have you ever wanted to add extra features to Unturned's basic weapons?
Would you like players' legs to be broken when shot by a Dragonfang?
How about a health boost whenever a player is killed?


With Weapon Features, you can add unique features to your weapons. The full list of features are:

  • Legs breaking when damaged
  • Burning the player when damaged
  • Cause drug effects to the damaged player
  • Dehydrate the player when damaged
  • Starve the player when damaged
  • Heal the weapon holder when they kill a player
  • Drain a player's stamina when damaged

More features can be requested - recommend them in my Discord server

All of these features can be based on chance. Allowing you to use many features on the same weapon without making it overpowered.

This plugin is reloadable, allowing on-the-fly changes to its configuration.

Rather than running every frame, this plugin uses events to ensure zero lag caused by this plugin.


Click to reveal default configuration
# Adding a '#' before text comments it out

# Here is a run down of how the configuration works:

#    The id specifies which weapon this should effect.
#    This id can either be the name of the weapon (i.e. Eaglefire) or the number-based id (i.e. 4).

#    Every weapon configuration is followed by the features.
#    Each feature has its own properties. As seen below, 'StaminaDrain' has Chance and Amount.

# Chances:
#    Every feature has the 'Chance' property, but it doesn't need to be set.
#    If no chance is set (or ~), the feature will always apply.
#    If chances are set, only one feature will take effect.

#    For example, if the Dehydrate and Starve effects are configured with chances of 0.3 (30%),
#    there will be a 30% chance of the Dehydrate effect being applied,
#    a 30% chance of the Starve effect being applied, and a remaining
#    40% chance that nothing will happen.

#    If in the same weapon configuration, a DrugEffect feature is configured with no chance set,
#    the DrugEffect feature will still always apply.

# You can uncomment (remove the '#') features below to add them to the Eaglefire config

# The example below will:
# - Always break the victim's legs
# - Always heal the weapon holder upon killing (20 hp, heals broken legs and bleeding)
# - Have a 30% chance of dehydrating the victim
# - Have a 30% chance of draining the victim's stamina

- Id: Eaglefire
  BreakLegs: # Break the victim's legs when damaged
    Chance: ~ # Same as not specifying a chance. This is required for the BreakLegs feature.

#  BurnEffect: # Applies the burning effect to the victim when damaged (similar to campfires)
#    Duration: 2 # seconds
#    Damage: 10 # this is optional and defaults to 10.

  Dehydrate: # Dehydrates the victim when damaged
    Chance: 0.3 # Chances must be written in decimal. 0.3 is the same as a 30% chance.
    Amount: 20

#  DrugEffect: # Applies the drug effect to the victim when damaged (same as glue/berries)
#    Duration: 10 # seconds

  HealHolder: # Heals the holder when they kill a player
    Amount: 20 # HP
    HealBleeding: true # Heals the player's bleeding
    HealBroken: true # Heals the player's broken legs

  StaminaDrain: # Drains the victim's stamina when damaged
    Chance: 0.3 # 30% chance of taking effect
    Amount: 10

#  Starve: # Starves the victim when damaged
#    Amount: 10