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Movement Modifier

Platforms: OpenMod, Rocket
Price: $5 USD
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Want players to move slower with heavy armor?
How about jump higher with certain guns?


With Movement Modifier, you can change players' speeds, gravities, jump heights, and stamina costs based on which items are in their inventory or are equipped.

This plugin is Rocket-reloadable, allowing on-the-fly changes to its simple configuration.

Rather than running every frame, this plugin uses events to ensure zero lag caused by this plugin.


The configuration has two main sections:

  • Global Modifiers - applied to everyone
  • Item Modifiers - applied when conditions are met

All movement modifications in the configuration are based on multipliers. Examples:

  • Specifying 2 as a jump modifier will allow the player to jump twice as high.
  • Specifying 0.5 as a speed modifier will half the player's speed.

By default, all clothing items, guns, melee weapons, tools, and clouds (umbrellas) must be equipped. This can be overrided by stating MustBeEquipped="False".

The ID for item modifiers can either be the item name or item ID. If the ID is a number, it will first search for a matching item ID then a name if no item is found.

Explanation of default config:

  • When a player has a Viper equipped, they will run, jump, and fall twice as fast.
  • When a player has the Tracksuit Top equipped, they will fall half as fast.
  • When a player has an Ace (doesn't need to be equipped), all stamina costs are zero (infinite stamina).


Click to reveal default configuration
Global: # Global Multipliers
  Speed: 1
  Jump: 1
  Gravity: 1
  StaminaCost: 1

# Adding a '#' before text comments it out
# If the line starts with a '-', it's specifying a new item modifier.

# Here is a run down of how the configuration works:

#    The id specifies which item this should effect.
#    This id can either be the name of the item (i.e. Viper) or the number-based id (i.e. 1027).

# Every item id is followed by the modifiers. All modifiers are optional and are as follows:

#    Speed - A speed multiplier (i.e. 2 will make the player move twice as fast)
#    Jump - A jump multiplier (i.e. 5 will make the player jump five times higher)
#    Gravity - A gravity multiplier (i.e. 0.1 will make the player have very low gravity)
#    StaminaCost - A stamina cost multiplier (i.e. 0 will make the player use no stamina)

# Every item modifier has the optional property 'MustBeEquipped' (true/false).
# This property specifies whether or not the item must be equipped.

# By default (if not explicitly set), all clothing items, guns, melee weapons, tools,
# and clouds (umbrellas) must be equipped.

# You can uncomment (remove the '#') features below to add them to the Viper config

# The example with the Viper below will increase the player's speed, jump,
# and gravity two times when a Viper is equipped.

- Id: Viper
  Speed: 2
  Jump: 2
  Gravity: 2
#  StaminaCost: 0.5
#  MustBeEquipped: false

- Id: Tracksuit Top
  Gravity: 0.5

- Id: Ace
  StaminaCost: 0
  MustBeEquipped: false


Click to reveal default configuration
  <Item ID="Viper" Speed="2" Jump="2" Gravity="2" />
  <Item ID="Tracksuit Top" Gravity="0.5" />
  <Item ID="Ace" StaminaCost="0" MustBeEquipped="False" />