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Consumable Rewards

Platforms: OpenMod
Price: $6 USD
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Customize what happens when players consume certain items! Let your creativity run wild!

Using this plugin, you can configure many different occurrences when players consume items. For example, give players metal cans when they eat any canned foods.

Let your creativity shine here! There are tons of different configurations available for whatever you may need.


This plugin allows you to configure different rewards/actions to occur whenever a player consumes something. These can even be chance-based!

All the following rewards/actions are available (feel free to suggest more in the Discord server):

  • Give the player items.
  • Give the player experience.
  • Change the player's reputation.
  • Give the player a permission role/group.
  • Spawn an effect on the player (visible to just the player, or everyone).
  • Send the player a message (i.e. Maybe you shouldn't have eaten that...).
  • Run a command.

The plugin's functionality fully relies on the configuration.


The default configuration below contains a guide on how to configure this plugin.

Feel free to ask questions in our Discord server.

Click to reveal default configuration
# Feel free to ask any questions about the config in our Discord server:

# Each consumable configuration needs either an item or pattern specified.
# If you setup the 'Item' criteria, the consumable configuration will only apply to that item.
# If you setup the 'Pattern' criteria, the consumable configuration will apply to any item who's name matches the given pattern.
# The pattern is based on Regular Expressions, but a basic example is is the pattern 'Canned' will match any item which has 'Canned' in the name.
# Read more about regular expressions here:

# If something is optional, you can simply remove the line and it will not apply!
# Everywhere an item is taken as input, you can either give the name or the ID of the item.

# Each consumable configuration has some additional optional criteria:
# - RequiresPermission - optional - Checks if the player has a specific permission.
# - Chance - optional - Only apply these rewards if the player is lucky.
#                       Basically if set to 20, there is a 20% chance of these rewards applying.
# - RewardLimit - optional - The maximum number of rewards for this consumable that will be given.
#                            If not set, the plugin will simply give all the configured rewards.
# - Rewards - not optional - The rewards given for this consumable configuration. Explained more next.

# Each consumable configuration has a list of rewards to give to the player.
# There are many different kinds of rewards that can be given:
# - GiveItem - Give the player the specified item.
# - GiveExperience - Give the player some experience.
# - ChangeReputation - Change the player's reputation (punish those pesky meat-eaters).
# - GiveRole - Give the player a permission role.
# - ShowEffect - Trigger an effect at this players location.
#                If you want this effect to be visible to other players as well,
#                set 'EffectVisibleToOthers' to true.
# - SendMessage - Send the player a message.
# - RunCommand - Run a command as the console.

# Here's a template will all available configuration options (just remove the #'s):
#- Item: ~
#  Pattern: ~
#  RequiresPermission: ~
#  Chance: ~
#  RewardLimit: ~
#  Rewards:
#  - GiveItem: ~
#    GiveExperience: ~
#    ChangeReputation: ~
#    GiveRole: ~
#    ShowEffect: ~
#    EffectVisibleToOthers: ~
#    SendMessage: ~
#    RunCommand: ~

# Here's an example configuration with comments to help understand:
# Starting off with a basic consumable configuration, let's tell the player they shouldn't have eaten glue.
- Item: Glue
  - GiveExperience: 2 # Let's give them something at least.
    SendMessage: "You probably shouldn't do that {User.DisplayName}."

# We can make multiple messages be available, but only one show like this:
- Item: "Glue"
  # By limiting the reward to 1, only one message will show.
  # The chances of the messages will decide which is shown.
  RewardLimit: 1
  - SendMessage: "Why did you do that?"
    Chance: 20
  - SendMessage: "You probably shouldn't have drank that..."
    Chance: 25
  - SendMessage: "Welp."
    Chance: 33.3
  - SendMessage: "Here we go again."
    Chance: 50
  - SendMessage: "Hopefully natural selection works :/"
    Chance: 100 # Same as setting no chance.

# Here we'll use the pattern to give the player an empty can whenever the eat/drink something canned:
- Pattern: "Canned"
  - GiveItem: "Metal Can"

# Just for another example, let's lower the player's reputation when they eat venison (vegetarian server):
- Pattern: "Venison"
  - ChangeReputation: -5

# Just for fun, let's grant the player VIP if they get REALLY lucky eating a certain berry, and kill them sometimes too:
- Item: "Raw Amber Berry"
  RewardLimit: 1 # Only allow one reward to occur so if they get the role, they don't also die.
  # Give the player VIP (1% chance)
  - GiveRole: "vip"
    SendMessage: "Congratulations! You defied the odds, got VIP, and didn't die!"
    Chance: 1 # 1% chance
  # Kill and ban the player using a command
  - RunCommand: "slay {User.SteamId}"
    Chance: 10 # 10% chance


  1. Run the following command to install necessary libraries:

    openmod install SilK.Unturned.Extras

  2. Specify the openmod branch in your Imperial Plugins config.